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lianarainbow50, here’s to you.

I was definitely NOT expecting the last one oh my G O D 

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Anonymous: //sends you good vibes// Good night Loes!!!! I hope you have a good sleep <333333333333333 ;v; you'll be fine i promise!!!! - pepe

Thank you i love you! 💙

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Julie Andrews + some of my favourite quotes

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In honor of Julie Andrews’ birthday, a documentary about the recording of The King and I she made with Ben Kingsley as the King and Lea Salonga as Tuptim. 

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Happy 79th Birthday, Julie Andrews! (1 October 1935)

I’ve got so much to say to you, I don’t even know where to start. It’s probably because you’ve made such an impact on my life. I want to thank you for being one of my sources of happiness. Whenever I see a photo, video, GIF, or anything related to you, my face brightens up. You never fail to make me smile even when I feel down. Thank you for pushing me to become a better person, to never give up on my goals, to be positive in all aspects of life. Your example has helped me a whole lot and if it weren’t for you, I may not be what I am today. Thank you for sharing your God-given talents with the whole world. My heart was filled with the songs you’ve sung, and they still provide me with joy despite the fact that you won’t be able to sing them again. Thank you for being a passionate advocate for the arts, for encouraging everyone to give more appreciation to the theatre. I’ve learned to love the arts because of you, and I hope to be involved in the theatre when I grow up. Thank you for instilling in me positive traits that I may be able to use in the present and the future.

And thank you, most especially, for being you. A lot of people may stereotype you as a clean-cut, innocent English soprano, but believe me, a lot of people, including myself, do appreciate the real you. The naughty, bawdy, and sassy Julie that most people fail to recognize. The kindhearted, compassionate, humble, and ever-generous Julie that may have been overlooked by people who have never seen the good in you. You are the epitome of grace, class, sophistication, goodness, and humility. You’re my favorite thing and simply practically perfect in every way.

Happy 79th birthday, darling Julie. Words cannot express how thankful I am to have learned about you. May you have so much more to come and may God continue to bless your dear soul. I love you more than you’ll ever know and hopefully, we’ll meet each other in the near future.

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Julie Andrews is giddy with delight as she attends opening night at Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles( 2014) 
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At age 79 and she still looks gorgeous. She manages to cheer me up when I’m sad, makes me believe in myself when I’m in doubt and most importantly: She inspires me to follow my dreams. I can’t explain how much I love this human being. Julie is the kindest, wittiest, sweetest, naughtiest and most amazing role model a girl could ask for. Happy Birthday, Jools. I hope your day has been thoroughly perfect in every way because you deserve that and much more.♡

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Julie Andrews smiling and cheering up the world since October 1st of 1935.


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The Julie Andrews Hour

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