its 6. my mom is probably gonna wake up soon

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when i promise you something, 90% of the time, please dont believe me

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sopranomonroe: Imagine if we went on a Jolly Holiday of our own! :D

aaaaaaaaah yes! mine would look like cinderella’s :3

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but yeah.. now that i have all this time i should really try my hand at writing again…

mr-bert-alfred123: If I met you in real life i would take you to Disneyland and I would hug and cuddle you and walk around and tell people that you are my friend and at the end of the day we could sit on the roof under the stars and talk about life and all of our thoughts on Pamela and Ralph and Mary and Bert, and then we can just be awesome together c:

yes pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase!!!

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olidancer92 replied to your post: ASK ME SAVING MR BANKS RELATED QUESTIO…

How about a new fanfic??? lol!


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sopranomonroe: Favorite SMB headcanons??

oh gooooooooood god god

- ralph was married but his wife passed away and she was a fan of mary poppins, and named her daughter jane because of the books.

- after the premiere, there was an after party …with a ball.

i can’t think of any more right now but im sure that there are a shitload of them in my head but i just forget them

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mr-bert-alfred123: So I wasn't the only one feeling the feels when Pamela throughs the pairs into the pool? I also think that scene is really cool looking, my inner artist totally needed out, also I cry like a bitch when I listen to the soundtrack. I usually listen to it when painting with water color or writing really sad and/or fluffy feelsy things. Just a rambling from me to you beastie c;


oh god i love that moment too! it’s sad but hilarious bc she throws them into the fucking pool and these people are like wtf?????????

i mean

and oh gosh i listen to the sound track while im studying or when im having panic attacks bc it helps me calm down, espcially the end theme

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ASK ME SAVING MR BANKS RELATED QUESTIONS or just throw some smb related rambling/opinions in my askbox it’s 5 am this should be fun

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